Project description

The project envisages three phases of work organised into 7 technical workpackages:

Phase 1

A comprehensive baseline assessment of the work experience will be performed, taking into account the multiple facets of mental health, including psychological, psychosocial, physiological, environmental and organisational factors (WP2 and WP3), leading to technical requirements (WP4) that will lay the foundation to Phase 2.

At the beginning of the project, ethics issues will be addressed, submitting the research protocol for approval to the competent Ethical Boards (WP2). In parallel, six manufacturing SMEs selected in the countries participating in the project will be enrolled on the basis of a list prepared by the General Assembly (GA).

Persons diagnosed with ASD will be hired in this Phase (WP2), as advisors for the design and testing of the MindBot platform.

Phase 2

The mental health friendly MindBot platform (WP5 and WP6) will be developed, refined and tested in a lab environment.

Phase 3

MindBot prototype platform will be implemented in selected workplaces, along with environmental and organizational interventions, in order to test and validate the system as regards workers’ mental health impact (WP7 and WP8).