BioRICS ( is a limited liability company based in Belgium, spin-off of the KU Leuven. It is a high-tech SME with 10 years of experience in building individualized algorithms that measure individual body functions efficiently and effectively. The company is independent from university but has an agreement of first right of refusal of all technology for humans developed by the M3-BIORES team of KU Leuven.

The company mission is to improve the overall wellness, health condition, mental status and performance of the individual by translating data from the body into meaningful information. To realise this, BioRICS has developed algorithms and built sound expertise to apply them in the field of human condition monitoring (physical condition, mental status, sleep quality and sleepiness).

BioRICS started the development of the real-time stress algorithm in 2006 in a project for AC Milan (Italy) where stress-monitoring of soccer players on the pitch was asked. This led to an algorithm being integrated in a shirt developed for Adidas USA. Another algorithm which BioRICS has in its portfolio, using the same unique methodology, gives information on mental energy consumption and recovery taking into account sleep duration and sleep quality. This algorithm has been integrated in a software called “Mindstretch”, which is commercially available in the market. It is a self-management tool and decision-support system for employees at the workplace and in daily life who need to perform well and therefore want to manage their daily stress and energy balance.