Deutsches Forschungszentrum fur Künstliche Intelligenz Gmbh

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is the leading research institution in Germany in the field of innovative human-technology interaction.

DFKI is one of the world’s most important “Centers of Excellence” in the field of knowledge and language processing, which has succeeded in quickly translating cutting-edge research into practice-relevant application solutions. Founded in 1988 by renowned German information technology companies and two major research institutions as a non-profit limited company, DFKI has since acquired a reputation as a competent and reliable partner for innovations in business both nationally and internationally through its proactive and demand-oriented project work. Since its foundation, DFKI has been dealing with topics of intelligent user interfaces and speech technology and has been awarded the title of German Node in seven European Networks of Excellence.

Three of these networks are directly relevant for the present application: European Network of Excellence in Language and Speech (Elsnet), European Network of Excellence for Agent-Based Computing (AgentLink) and Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion (HUMAINE). DFKI was the overall project leader of the BMBF joint projects Verbmobil, SmartKom, SmartWeb, Virtual Human, EmpaT and coordinated the relevant research packages in the EU projects Comic, TALK, IDEAS4Games, i2Home, and TARDIS. Since 2007, the Affective Computing Group (ACG, of the DFKI department of Cognitive Assistance Systems played a significant role in those projects. The ACG is an internationally recognized expert for socio-emotional user models and dialogue, interaction and behavior models of social agents.