IRCCS – Associazione La Nostra Famiglia ‘Istituto Scientifico Eugenio Medea’

The scientific institute IRCCS Eugenio Medea is a no profit Scientific Institute acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Health for performing Research and Hospitalization. The Institute counts on four research areas. Among them, the Applied Technologies research area makes a practice of developing, testing and validating new technologies, in case on human subjects, referring to an independent Ethics Committee for the evaluation of the research studies. The Applied Technology area has also experience in the development and application of advanced methods for biopsychosocial signal processing, data modelling and integration, including creation of international databases and registries. Alongside this, the Developmental Psychopathology research area is mainly concerned with the neuropsychological, neurophysiological, genetic and rehabilitation aspects of neurodevelopmental disorders with a specific  expertise in the field of autism. Indeed, the Institute is a national reference centre for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation regarding the autism spectrum disorders.

In addition, IRCCS Medea is accredited to the Italian Lombardia Region for work services provision. Specifically, the service offered, called Work Desk, aims to improve job demand and supply on the territory, offering targeted services: analysis of propensities and attitudes; balance of skills; analysis of work stations; targeted placement and tutoring (individual interviews and monitoring in the company). Through  this service the Institute has developed expertise on models and tools for studying human factors and has gained specific experience in placing people with disabilities in the working environment. Cooperation between technical skilled researchers and psychologist researchers has a long tradition in the Institute.

GARR Consortium

Consortium GARR is a non-profit association founded under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. The founding members are CNR, ENEA, INFN and CRUI Foundation, representing all Italian universities.

GARR is an integral part of the European research network GÉANT, which it owns together with the other European NRENs. GARR is also connected to the main global research networks and international bodies that develop and govern international infrastructures, such as the IETF, the Internet Society and e-IRG.

The MindBot repository will be installed on servers located in Italy, at GARR server farm. GARR will provide an in-kind contribution free of charge (under Article 12 of the GA) within the agreement between MEDEA, GARR and Italian Ministry of Health ( for the support of computing and storage needs of Italian hospitals devoted to scientific research (IRCCS).

The computing resources will be provided on the two GARR computing centres, both located in Italy (Palermo and Catania).

Contact: Fulvio Galeazzi