MindBot has assembled and integrated a network of Europe’s most talented expertise in different areas from institutions in four countries (Italy, Belgium, Germany and Croatia) to appropriately address the specific objectives of the project. Partners participating to the consortium (namely MEDEA, UMIL, CNR, BIORICS, DFKI, FFRI, KUKA, UAU, MRMSOSP) are internationally renowned reference organisations in their respective field of study and have participated to several EU projects.

KUKA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions and together with DFKI, UAU and CNR make a point of reference for manufacturing companies and system integrators in the field of cobots application.

On the other hand, MEDEA together with UMIL and FFRI developed modern tools and models to investigate workers well-being integrating the multifaceted dimensions of well-being. In addition, they have competence and experience in job placement of persons that experience mental health problems, like persons diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. BIORICS has a specific competence in developing real-time stress algorithms included in self-management tools for employees at the workplace and in daily life. MRMSOSP is a central state administration body that carries out tasks related, among other, to employment policy, programs for increasing employability, improvement of the system of protection at work and international cooperation in the field of labour and employment, pension insurance system.